A Freshman’s Journey – Lambert FBLA

In August of 2021, I started my freshman year at Lambert High School. Immediately, I learned about the countless opportunities our FBLA chapter provides to students. To start off the school year, the LHS FBLA officers hosted many community service projects. The first event I attended to support FBLA was the Blessings in a Backpack Chipotle fundraiser. All of our students who went to Chipotle on the designated day had a portion of their payments donated to Blessings in a Backpack. Later that week, more student volunteers helped pack backpacks with the purchased supplies and donations. This event was just one of the many that gave LHS FBLA students the opportunity to support their community through the process of caring and giving to others. 

FBLA also provides their students with numerous conferences to network at. One of Lambert’s most popular conferences is the GA FBLA Fall Rally. Several of my peers and I attended the Fall Rally at Six Flags this year. We had the chance to prepare for our future competitive event conferences with the offered practice exams. We were also able to listen and learn from an experienced guest speaker, all while having the luxury of spending time with our friends at an amusement park. This day-long FBLA trip was a core memory in regards to marking the start of my school year.

FBLA continues to educate high school business students by providing them with more community service projects as well as competitive event conferences. As the school year progresses, I have a sense of certainty that my FBLA journey will set me on the right path in being an active and involved community member. The business experience as well as communication skills that I gain from this club do not just apply to me; LHS FBLA plays a key role in hundreds of our students’ daily lives. This chapter continues to grow and reach new accomplishments each year. Time will show what more the future holds for Lambert FBLA.

Article by Aishu Meyyapan

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