BCHS Recruitment for 2019-20 Kick-Off

Bleckley County High School return officers kicked off our recruitment by having Survivor style Scavenger Hunts and Relay Races followed by Taco Thursday. We had a huge turnout from our feeder school BCMS. Returning officers Olivia W., Maisi C., and Amanda Kight led the way as we try to change the vision of our meetings. Outgoing  officers Jillian G., Jordan S., and Alex N. also participated and led the games.

The new meeting format was a hit and thoroughly enjoyed by all as many won a raffle prize at the end of the meeting. After raffles were complete each prospective member in attendance was  awarded a $5.00 off coupon for joining before the end of the school year. We hope to recruit members before the end of the year and we have already set our officers for the coming year as well.