Champion Chapter – CTE Celebration

Champion Chapter is a series of membership engagement-focused challenges that chapters may complete for national recognition. There are four sections: Summer Starter, Shaping Success, Service Season, and CTE Celebration. Chapters can accrue points by participating in all four sections and be recognized as Bronze, Silver, or Gold Champion Chapters based on point totals. Additionally, the Champion Chapters will receive banners and members can receive ribbons for conferences. Further incentives will be available for all Champion Chapters. Chapters can submit Google Drive folder links, Dropbox links, etc. to showcase all of their activities via submission forms found on the national website.

CTE Celebration

The 4th and final season of Champion Chapter focuses on chapter excellence and CTE awareness. From January 1 to March 15, chapters can complete the CTE Celebration tasks which are designed to showcase FBLA excellence and achievements, as well as promote the mission of the organization. Chapters can earn up to 6,675 points in this phase, and 1,500 points are required to be credited with the completion of CTE Celebration.

CTE Celebration Activities

The goal of the CTE Celebration season is to showcase your chapter’s achievements and promote FBLA’s mission. Membership count based sections account for 2,000 points and there is also a recruitment drive activity for 500 points. With FBLA-PBL week being February 13-19, 1,975 points are awarded through activities encouraging members and officers to get involved! CTE Celebration tasks aim to award prejudged competitive event entries with submissions for American Enterprise or Partnership with Business Project and Community Service each being worth 500 points (1,000 points total).

Additional CTE Celebration activities include:

  • Have one of your officers write a letter to their senator or legislator highlighting the importance of Perkins funding to CTSOs and share the benefits of FBLA membership (max 100 points)
  • Organize a second semester social event or activity for all dues-paid members (max 500 points)
  • Have ten members follow the FBLA National Twitter account @FBLA_National (max 100 points) 
  • Invite a community business leader to speak at a local chapter meeting (max 100 points)
  • Sponsor an FBLA Trivia Game Night for members (max 100 points)
  • Sponsor a Teacher Appreciation Day (max 100 points)
  • Participate in an FBLA Educational Program (max 100 points)
  • Recite the FBLA-PBL Creed at a meeting (max 100 points)

Chapter Recognition

Because of your hard work and dedication, all Champion Chapters will receive a digital certificate for recognition! Additionally, Champion Chapter members will receive ribbons at National Fall Leadership Conference and National Leadership Conference if they attend. This CTE Celebration season has a deadline of March 15, and all Chapters must have a minimum of 1500/6675 points for challenge recognition.

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