Champion Chapter – Summer Starter

Champion Chapter is a series of membership engagement-focused challenges that chapters may complete for national recognition. Chapters can accrue points by participating in all four sections and be recognized as Bronze, Silver, or Gold Champion Chapters. Additionally, the Champion Chapters will receive banners and members can receive ribbons for conferences. Further incentives will be available for all Champion Chapters!

Summer Starter

Champion Chapters begins with a season focused on chapter building and membership strategy called Summer Starter. From August 1 to September 15, chapters will prepare for a successful membership year by completing tasks that help to set the foundation in their chapter. From electing chapter officers to developing a student-led program of work, the Summer Starter season will guide your chapter to start setting goals and mapping out the year!

Summer Starter Activities

The goal of the Summer Starter season is to help organize ideas and plan for the upcoming year. By creating a well-developed Chapter Social Media Plan for the year, your chapter can earn 100 points. Additionally, the series of activities included in the Summer Starter season is curated to initiate the brainstorming process of your officer team. For example, your chapter can earn a maximum of 50 points for creating a list of possible fundraisers for the year. Members are encouraged to write letters/emails to local businesses about potential sponsorships for a maximum of 50 points. By completing the Summer Starter activities, your chapter will be ready for a successful membership year!

Additional Summer Starter activities include:

  • Set up a form of communication between local officers and members (max 50 points)
  • Develop a chapter t-shirt design (max 50 points)
  • Have a member attend the FBLA National leadership Conference (max 250 points) 
  • Prepare a standard letter to invite guest speakers for meetings for the 2021-22 membership year (max 50 points)
  • Create a Member of the Month Program for the 2021-22 membership year (max 100 points)
  • Prepare a Chapter Budget for the 2021-22 membership year (max 100 points)

Chapter Recognition

Because of your hard work and dedication, all Champion Chapters will receive a digital certificate for recognition! Additionally, Champion Chapter members will receive ribbons at Fall Leadership Conference and National Leadership Conference if they attend. This Summer Starter season has a deadline of September 15, and all Chapters must have a minimum of 500 points for challenge recognition.