Competitive Events Video Series (#2) – Special Role Play

This blog covers the Help Desk and Client Service events.

These events are designed for members in grades 9 through 12.

In Help Desk, chapters can submit 5 individual entries. The top 12 entries statewide will advance to state. 

In Client Service, chapters can submit 1 individual entry. The top 1 entry from each RLC will advance to state. 

Help Desk includes an objective test. This is a 100 question multiple choice test that assesses your knowledge on a topic. We recommend that you create a study guide for yourself based on the competency and task lists located on the national website. In this event, you will answer 100 questions in 1 hour. The score on the test will count as 100% of the RLC score. At state, another objective test will be administered in the same format and will count as ⅔ of the SLC score.

At the Region Leadership Conference, the Client Service event consists of the case study interactive performance only with a 10 minute prep time and a 5 minute presentation time. This case study performance will account for 100% of the RLC score.

Both of these events have a case study interactive performance at the State Leadership Conference. A case study is when a competitor or a team of competitors are given a problem within a scenario that they try to find a solution for… but also remember these events are individual only. These two events give 10 minutes to prepare and review the case and take notes on the provided note cards. Once time is called, you will present for 5 minutes. For Client Service, the event consists of only the case study interactive performance and it accounts for 100% of the SLC score. For Help Desk, the case study interactive performance accounts for ⅓ of the total SLC score.

We hope that this blog and video on Help Desk and Client Service serves you well as you begin to prepare, and we wish you the best of luck at future conferences!

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