Competitive Events Video Series (#3) – Sales Presentation

Hello Georgia FBLA, welcome to our competitive events video series! I’m Yugesh Muralidhar, your Parliamentarian, and today I’ll tell you all about the Sales Presentation competitive event!

Members in grades 9-12 are eligible to compete in Sales Presentation.

In this event, chapters can submit 1 individual or a team (2-3 members) entry. The top 1 entry from each RLC will advance to state. 

In this event, competitors will take on the role of salesperson and present an existing product or service of their choice to the judges for 7 minutes. Judges will take on the role of potential customer and may ask questions during the presentation, so competitors should plan their presentation accordingly. Successful presentations will convince the judges that they need the product or service. Visual aids and prototypes are allowed, and teams will have 5 minutes prior to their presentation to set up any equipment they may need. Make sure to read the event description found on page 33 of the Georgia FBLA Competitive Event Guidelines and the rubric found on page 96. 

Thank you for watching our competitive event video on Sales Presentation! I hope that this video serves you well as you begin to prepare, and we wish you the best of luck at future conferences!

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