Competitive Events Video Series (#4) – General Presentation Events

This blog covers the General Presentation Events: Introduction to Business Presentation, Introduction to Social Media Strategy, and Social Media Strategies.

Introduction to Business Presentation and Introduction to Social Media Strategy is designed for members in grades 9 through 10. Social Media Strategies is designed for members in grades 9 through 12. In all of these events, chapters can submit 1 individual or team (2-3 members) entry. The top 1 entry from each RLC will advance to state. 

All three events have a pre-announced topic each year. Your project should directly address the topic. 

The topic this year for Introduction to Business Presentation is about changes in business practices and workplace policies that should remain in place after the pandemic.

The topic for Introduction to Social Media Strategy is to create a promotion theme and the social media strategy for a professional sports franchise.  

The topic for Social Media Strategies is to develop a social media campaign that raises awareness and sales at a local restaurant using multiple social media platforms. 

Please refer to the Chapter Planning Guide for the full topics for each event. 

This event contains a presentation. Here you will present in front of a panel of judges for 7 minutes and finish off with up to a 3 minute question and answer portion. It does not happen at RLC or in the SLC preliminary round. You are also given a 5 minute setup time. Follow the rating sheet.

We hope that this blog and video serve you well as you begin to prepare, and we wish you the best of luck at future conferences!

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