December Classroom Integration Idea

The holiday season is approaching, Georgia FBLA! A season of kindness and thankfulness is approaching, making it the perfect time to incorporate a service project into your monthly FBLA Classroom Integration!

Many schools want to give back to the community around them and just need to figure out when or where to start. Whether you have the resources to begin a yearlong project or simply want to spend a class period serving those around you, there are plenty of ideas that can be easily carried out in a classroom setting. Community service projects are a great way to encourage students to think about the world around them, and FBLA encourages students to be community-minded leaders.  Finding a project that students and teachers can get behind and support is the key. 

Example ideas include taking a class period to hand out candy to school employees, leaving kind letters for teachers, and much more! Any way that students can serve their community is the perfect way to incorporate one of FBLA’s core values into your classroom this holiday season!

We look forward to seeing how Georgia FBLA chapters serve their communities this month. Do not forget to post your school and chapter projects, making sure to tag @georgiafbla so we can see and recognize exciting projects across the state!

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