Fundraising Activity for January

Founded in 2005, School Spirit Coffee offers gourmet coffee (in flavors such as Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Pumpkin Spice, and Hazelnut Supreme) and tea (in flavors such as Vanilla Rooibos and Norfolk English Breakfast). It also offers espressos, hot chocolate, and cappuccinos. Prices vary from $8 for an Espresso Bark to $14 for a set of one dozen K-cups. Chapters that fundraise with School Spirit Coffee can earn a 50% profit margin if they sell more than 150 items and a 50% discount on the shipping charge if they sell more than 500 items. Otherwise, chapters will receive a 45% profit margin. Coffees sold by the company originate only from countries that are parties to the International Coffee Agreement, which promotes environmentally friendly farming practices and fair farmer compensation. In addition, the Norfolk English Breakfast tea is Fair Trade certified. These certifications provide an additional selling point that will help chapters stand out from other fundraising organizations. Chapters can take part in this unique fundraising opportunity by following these directions.

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