Fundraising Activity of the Month

Is your classroom a cluttered mess? Do you know people that could use a deep-storage cleaning? Maybe, the answer to this is a community garage sale.

A community garage sale can be done at your school, using the gym or cafeteria to set up tables. Community members can rent a table so they can sell their things. This is a fun way to bring people together, but also a simple way for your FBLA chapter to raise money. Here are some ways to get your community garage sale jumpstarted:

1. Ask School Administration
First, ask your school administration if you can use the cafeteria or gym to set up your garage sale. Always make sure to fill out any necessary forms before publicizing the event, just in case if the forms do not go through or the event gets delayed.

2. Finalize Details
Do not get ahead of yourself now. The most important part of this event is compiling all the details. Set the best date, find ways to promote the event, pricing to rent a table, how to sign up, and information for people to contact for any questions.

This does not just have to be a school event, it can be an everybody event. Publicize at restaurants, on social media, community parks, and anywhere that is public to families.

We hope you are able to raise money for your FBLA chapter. Good luck and let’s get this garage sale jumpstarted!