Getting Ready for American Enterprise Day

On November 15, FBLA-PBL will celebrate it’s annual American Enterprise Day. It can only benefit you to prepare early. So here is a list of things you couldĀ  do.

American Enterprise Day Ideas

  • Invite a guest speaker to your school
  • Have students put together a skit to present to the class about the American enterprise system
  • Create an activity booklet
  • Ask local businesses to come and present a small workshop
  • Have students dress up in red, white, and blue
  • Design a bulletin board
  • Create a trivia game about the American enterprise system
  • Create an American Enterprise Day video to show to class on November 15
  • Contact your local news station and have them capture your activities
  • Decorate the school and classrooms

With these tips and ideas, your American Enterprise Day is sure to inspire!