Getting Started with BAA and CSA

Want to get more involved on the national level? Start the Business Achievement Awards program or the Community Service Award program.

What is BAA?

The Business Achievement Awards is a leadership development program for high school students to integrate into classrooms. There are four levels of the BAA: Future, Business, Leader, and America. Each level builds upon previous work and gets increasingly challenging to expand leadership skills and showcase talent.

In addition to the four different levels, each level covers these core activities and concepts: Service, Education, and Progress. Service focuses on activities that improves the school, area, businesses, community, and state. Education prepares members for corporate America and makes them more prepared for futures at college and at work. Progress explores the local, state, and national levels of FBLA-PBL and how they complement one another.

What is CSA?

The Community Service Awards recognizes FBLA members for their extraordinary commitment to community service. It has three levels of recognition, based on cumulative number of hours members contribute.

  • Community – 50 hours
  • Service – 200 hours
  • Achievement – 500 hours

These hours build throughout an FBLA member’s career.

How to Get Started on BAA and CSA

Since advisers are no longer required to register members for BAA and CSA, members work on the activities at the adviser’s discretion. Once a student completes the levels, go to the national page and fill out the appropriate form to submit students for recognition

Click here to visit the national page for both BAA and CSA!