How Denmark’s Officer Team Beats the Odds in Virtual Settings

Denmark FBLA officers are trying their best to help increase resources for members by creating divided meetings for Freshman/Sophomore and Juniors/Seniors to best aid their level in FBLA. This allows for the content and information to be more immersive towards each grade level.
Denmark FBLA also offers a variety of service opportunities, online and in person. Peer tutoring can be done online or in person, for students who are willing to commit time towards teaching other students on subjects they excel at. Participating in Feed Georgia by sending in canned food, and participating in Boredom Busters by donating toys and art supplies are significant ways to increase your community service.
During these times, our officer team has beat the odds in virtual settings, by taking advantage of every situation. Including Regional Leadership Conference feedback and review sessions. Allowing members to have one on one time with officers, so they can excel in their FBLA endeavors. It’s no small feat to organize meetings, workshops, and conferences for Denmark FBLA’s 200 members, but the courageous officer and advisor team makes this possible.