Icebreaker of the Month — February

This month’s Icebreaker is an FBLA Kahoot! The way that the game works is like this:

Players must get on their phones and sign into a Kahoot that the officers have made. The members can either be in teams or alone. The officers should use some FBLA trivia and some pop-culture trivia.

Three ways to make the game harder are:

  • Use very discrete information – Rather than making the answers obvious to those who might know FBLA, try and stump them!
  • Create obstacles – They must figure out how to do it with both their hands together.
  • Make the questions very easy- Make the questions as easy as possible so that it a game to see who can answer the fastest!

The purpose of this game is to show your members how much fun FBLA is, and it is a great way to get them excited to hear whatever information you are sharing in that particular meeting. It is also a great option to help your members learn more about FBLA. Have them try out this fun new icebreaker at your next meeting!