Making Adel Great for Future Generations

Cook High School’s business classes including FBLA members enjoyed hearing from Brandie Dame, Downtown Adel Main Street Director on Monday, October 18, 2021. As a guest speaker to Mrs. Tillman’s and Mrs. Carter’s classes, she explained the process and hard work put into making downtown Adel a classic mainstreet in Georgia. Being a classic mainstreet isn’t just about a title. It’s about making Adel a thriving community for generations to come.
Mrs. Dame’s presentation was very informative and opened the students’ eyes as to what is involved in making a successful downtown. Many aspects of her presentation correlated with what students have been learning at CHS. Such things include the following: Facebook and social media presence (positives and negatives), interview process, making presentations, giving presentations, designing logos and marketing materials, planning events, and working as a team. Mrs. Dame’s presentation started a discussion about making business plans and how this real-world example correlated with FBLA’s region and state competition.

After Mrs. Dame’s presentation, it was awesome to see students get excited about what they can do for Adel in the future. Adel is a town where individuals work together as one to build a brighter future.

Business & Technology classroom