March of Dimes Fundraising at Bleckley High

This year, Bleckley FBLA hosted their annual March of Dimes drive. The March of Dimes Foundation was created by Franklin Roosevelt and was originally called “The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis” to help combat polio. Now the March of Dimes aims to combat premature births. MoD helps fund research, provide education, and help keep families together while their newborn grows healthy in the NICU.

While the March of Dimes is FBLA’s National Project, it is not required that we host an event. After careful consideration, the officers of Bleckley FBLA unanimously decided to support the March of Dimes Foundation again this year. Money was raised through Blue Jeans for Babies, a teacher dress-down event, and Penny Wars.

Penny Wars involved a school wide competition between grade-levels. Each grade had their own bucket, and when they put pennies or paper money into their buckets, the value of the money was added to their score (e.g. one-dollar bills would add 100 points). By adding silver coins to other grade levels, it would take the value of those coins away (e.g. quarters would subtract 25 points).

Overall, the event was a great success as the FBLA Chapter raised $1103.12 to support the March of Dimes Campaign. While the Penny Wars was only able to raise $25.17, it raised a lot of awareness for the March of Dimes Foundation and provided information about prematurity to the students of Bleckley County High School. The rest of the money was raised through dress down and other donors throughout our school.

Bleckley FBLA would like to thank everyone who donated and helped throughout the week to help provide a better future for premature babies.