Meeting Tip of the Month #3

The seasons have changed–fall leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and the infamous carving of pumpkins. This shift of seasons obviously co-asides with the shifts we are about to have in our meetings. You have come to the right place to look for your third meeting tip of the month: keeping up with the seasons.

What’s better than having themed meetings after the seasons we are in? The seasons bring a variety of emotions, and fun activities that one can incorporate into their meetings. Since it is October, you can incorporate one of the infamous things that are associated with October. Besides that, you can even have door prizes for your meetings that are October themed.

Even after October, you can still incorporate the different seasons into your meetings. Activities with seasons are endless to where if your chapter has multiple meetings during a month you can still let the seasonal activities be involved in your meetings.

This type of shift in the meeting setup can leave members excited to attend the next one, give you new ways to keep your meetings fresh and innovative and leave the members feeling the wonderful effects of the seasons shift. Try it out with your own meetings, and see the wonderful outcome it can have.

Check out next month’s Meeting Tip of the Month for more tips!