Meeting Tip of the Month – Happy New Year!

New year, new you! Now that 2020 has officially kicked into high gear it’s important to take notice of the changes that need to be made around your local chapter, ensuring that nothing has turned bland or uninteresting to members, especially as they get used to be being back from a fun holiday break.

Your job as chapter leaders is to match, or continue, this energetic spirit without impeding on competitive event preparation or productivity. It’s a balancing act, but one that is imperative to make the most of all of your meetings. For your meeting this month, reinvent! Find another approach to competition preparation (maybe pair up competitors with experienced mentors) or switch up the meeting proceedings. If you normally start with the same announcements, maybe start with an icebreaker instead! There are plenty of icebreaker ideas on this state officer blog, so there’s no shortage of activities for you to plan.

Keep members on their toes if you want them to keep them coming back. The same-old can only get you so far– a prerequisite of growth is change!

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