Middle Level Fall Leadership Conference

Middle Level FLC will be held on November 16th. Members should attend to take advantage of the informative leadership workshop tracks. As a Middle Level member, attending these workshops provides you with the chance to learn important skills that will benefit you throughout the rest of your middle and high school years and well beyond. The sooner you learn key professional and networking concepts, ranging from how to properly conduct yourself in an interview to how to dine with pristine etiquette, the sooner you can practice them and put them to use. Learning and honing these skills early on will set you apart from the crowd and make people notice.
In addition to these useful workshops, members can take a break from learning to be young business professionals and compete in the MONOPOLY® Tournament. This exciting tournament is not only fun for all involved, but also raises money to benefit the March of Dimes.
Throughout the whole conference including constructive workshops and fun activities, members will be able to meet other excited and ambitious Middle Level members from across the state.