New Member Recruitment

As we begin the 2016-2017 school year, an important group FBLA needs to target are people who have yet to learn what FBLA is or what it can provide. The best way to provide students with this information is through an informational meeting at the beginning of the school year.

It can be hard to discover what information to provide students so this guild is to help you make a presentation for them to remember!

  1. What is FBLA?
    • FBLA stands for the Future Business Leaders of America.
    • It is a non-profit organization which prepares today’s students for success in business leadership.
    • Show them the FBLA Recruitment Video
  2. What do we do?
    • Service Projects
    • Competitions
    • Business Development
    • Conferences
    • Leadership Opportunities
    • And more!
  3. Competitions
    • At Region and State Leadership Conference, students compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills.
    • Over 100 different competitive events, including:
      • Business Math
      • Public Speaking
      • Computer Applications
      • Business Law
      • Sports Management
      • Video Game & Simulation Development
  1. Business Development
    • FBLA gives members opportunities to develop business skills
    • Business Achievement Awards
    • Business tours
    • Inspiring speakers
    • Partnership with businesses project
  2. Conferences
    • FBLA offers regional, state, and national conferences which promote leadership development. FBLA conferences are a great place to reach our audience face-to-face.
    • 1-5 day conferences
    • Compete and network with members across the nation
    • Attend workshops by business professionals
  3. Community Service
    • National service projects
    • Individual Community service hours
    • March of Dimes
    • State Projects
    • Local Community Service Projects
  4. How you Benefit
    • Experience everything FBLA does
    • Develop business and leadership skills
    • Meeting new friends
    • Competitive recognition
    • Looks AMAZING on your college application

Use this presentation as a recruitment tool every year to inform students on how FBLA can change their life…all they have to do is join today! Good luck and happy recruiting!