Future Business Leaders of America helps students prepare for careers in business through a variety of academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs. The opportunities in FBLA are endless and there is always something new you can learn. FBLA members are constantly exposed to new information that expands their knowledge. At the end of your FBLA journey, you will have gained experiences and skills that will help you with any career path you choose!

FBLA members can attend conferences and competitions throughout the year. Within these events, you can attend workshops to learn from public speakers and business professionals. These workshops can teach you new presentation skills and strategies that will help you become a better presenter in your own chapter or within your class presentations. Additionally, FBLA offers a wide range of competitive events for members to take part in. Whether your interest is in financial math, graphic design, or healthcare administration, FBLA offers an event in any topic of interest! Because the organization is extremely well-rounded, members are encouraged to pursue any passion or new interest they may have. Being a new member in FBLA gives you the opportunity to be creative and pick competitive events that are captivating. 

One of the largest benefits of joining FBLA is the ability to build your confidence through a variety of leadership roles. FBLA chapters need a successful officer team to help guide their members throughout the year. As an officer, you will be expected to be available and helpful to your members. Additionally, chapter members can become committee leaders to help build their leadership skills. From these experiences, members will learn how to lead a team and delegate tasks. Such skills are crucial for any work environment, and FBLA prepares you along the way. New members will naturally see an improvement in their social and leadership skills over time because of the effect of FBLA. 

From teamwork activities to chapter events, communication plays a key role in a successful FBLA chapter. Members are engaged in different projects, which motivate them to talk to new people. Because FBLA fosters a very social environment, members will easily learn how to communicate better. For example, within FBLA teamwork activities and officer teams, efficient communication is crucial. Additionally, FBLA performance events motivate students to better their public speaking. Learning how to work with new people and share your ideas are valueable skills. Within your time in FBLA, you will have the opportunity to adopt all these skills!