November Membership Recruitment Idea

Membership recruitment should not stop even though the first semester of school is nearing the end. There are limitless opportunities to promote your chapter!

An effortless way of fulling membership recruitment of this month is by advertising! By increasing your chapter’s public appearance, you are making more students aware of FBLA’s impact. Here are some ways to advertise:

  1. Posters/Flyers: Make these bold and hang them up in areas that are most looked upon. Have a brief description of FBLA. Give contact information of who to see if someone is wanting to join and how much dues are.
  2. Social MediaOur lives depend on social media. Why not take this to full advantage? Promote your FBLA chapter’s presence by posting relevant information. This will help you keep your members up to date!
  3. Announcements: School announcements are very beneficial and easy to advertise on. Students will be able to hear what they may not see sometimes. FBLA’s existence and fundamentals will be spread throughout the school with this simple action.

These prototypical advertising methods are very effective to this day and are very simple to do. They are one of the fastest forms to relay a message and reach an audience. Get started today!