Leadership is the foundation of any FBLA chapter. A chapter can be successful with an effective officer team. When officers are dedicated to their members, creative with ideas, and responsible for their duties, the members in the chapter will easily thrive. Therefore, officers take on such important roles with one goal in mind, to help their chapter succeed.

As an officer, you become a role model for your fellow chapter members. Many members will come to officers with questions and it is your duty to give members the help they need. This can be considered as a sign of respect. Showing that you are available to answer any questions or give help to a member in need will symbolize the officer teams’ dedication to the chapter members. Additionally, you can be more involved with your chapter by periodically asking members for anything that can be improved. It is important to consider the perspective of the members as well. Asking members if the structure of the chapter is best fit for them can show your willingness to listen and it shows areas needed for improvement. Respect must go both ways and it is deemed as one of the most important factors of being an officer.

An effective officer team has a plan of events, activities, and goals to help map out the upcoming year. When officers set goals, this helps to create a plan that guides the chapter. This idea can be applied to individual officers as well. For example, whether it is to become a state officer or create a membership committee, each officer can become more involved within their chapter. By creating a goal, each officer will be motivated to work harder and become successful. Additionally, officers setting individual goals will help to brainstorm new ideas that your chapter can adopt. Overall, there is a multitude of benefits when officers work with a goal in mind. 

In addition to setting goals, being an officer requires a lot of responsibility, so organization is highly important. Ranging from writing minutes, creating an agenda, or holding a fundraising event, each component is crucial for a successful chapter. Therefore, each officer should have a specific set of duties and responsibilities. By adopting organizational skills, you will be able to carry out all tasks before the deadlines approach. This can include keeping an agenda to track assignments, being able to manage your time, and marking important dates for FBLA. If you are organized, then your role as an officer will be easier to maintain and much more impactful.