Scholarships and National Recognition

One of the most rewarding perks of being in a student organization such as FBLA is access to a number of scholarships sponsored by universities, other organizations, and FBLA. These scholarships are an excellent way to receive financial aid to further your education in a college university system.

These scholarships can be found at on the FBLA-PBL National Website.

Take advantage of these benefits that are available to you for simply being a member. Let all your hard work with this organization be paid back in the form of recognition or scholarships!

Also, be sure to keep in mind scholarship opportunities available specifically for Georgia FBLA members because Georgia FBLA offers members $10,000 in scholarships each year.

Furthermore, also be on the lookout for national recognition and awards due dates. Submissions for Business Achievement Awards will be due starting in March. Keep in mind that you will receive national recognition for earning the America Level Award.

  • LEAD is due March 1st
  • Future, Business, and Leader Levels are due March 1st
  • America Level is due April 25th

Community Service Awards (CSA) submissions are also right around the corner! Be sure to turn in your community service hours on time to be given the opportunity for national recognition at NLC this summer.

  • CSA Community- 50 hours, due March 1st
  • CSA Service- 200 hours, due March 1st
  • CSA Achievement- 500 hours, due April 25th

FBLA has a wide range of opportunities for members to find success. Use this information wisely, and do not be afraid to apply yourself!