The Bleckley County Royal Leadership Academy 2020

The royal leadership academy was designed to help the officers of each Bleckley County High School student organization get together to become better leaders and students. We had a range of speakers like Randy Thompson, Laura Knox, Matt Gibbs, Sheryl Parks, Candi Dykes, Andy Lucas, Danny Mathis, Steve Smith and Tucker Felkins. Mr. Thompson started off by asking each of the organizations our thoughts on why we were there and our purpose as a school. Answers varied from becoming better leaders to building a stronger bond as a team. Another important question that was asked was about decisions, good or bad, and how to be comfortable with the decisions you make. Each speaker talked about an important part of decision making including, identifying the decision, brainstorming ideas, studying the situation, acting, and evaluate at the end of your decision. In life we all know there are some decisions that may make us uncomfortable but the whole point of being a leader is learning to live with those decisions and make the best of what will happen. At the Royal Leadership Academy we learn being a leader you have to make tough decisions to help your community hit its peak of excellence.