Packing for Conferences

Seems too early? I don’t think so. By the time RLC ends, SLC is fast approaching. After finals, AP Exams and summer parties, we’ll see you in San Antonio in a flash.

One of the most exciting parts about FBLA is the conferences held throughout the year. The State Leadership Conference and the National Leadership Conference are two conferences that require members to stay overnight at a hotel. Over my past few years in FBLA, I have traveled numerous times and have learned how to determine and pack the necessary items.

Here are 3 tips to consider while packing for the next conference.

Tip 1

Look at your itinerary and plan your outfits for the events during the conference.

  • For SLC, it is mandatory for members who are presenting to bring their official dress. You can find out more about the official dress and what is expected for conference attire here.
  • When you have limited space in the suitcase, consider repeating an outfit or ‘mixing and matching’ for the times where you are exploring the city with your friends.
  • Lastly, remember to pack some comfortable sleepwear for the night and escape the restrictive moment of business attire.

Tip 2

Pack your presentation materials in a bag that you can carry around in the conference hotel.

When having to carry a laptop, charger, speaker, or other presentation materials, it is best to make those easily portable with a backpack or a similar bag.

Tip 3

Toiletries are a big concern especially when traveling on a flight.

We’ve all heard about keeping 3.4-ounce liquids and gels in a plastic bag. However, shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste and shaving cream can all be placed in the check-in bags because it probably won’t be used during your day trip.

Another big thing is to remember your toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. Often times, we know that hotels provide shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, but we can forget about the other necessities.


The first step to having the best conference experience occurs before the event even occurs. Packing smart is an essential skill for now and the future you. You are less stressed out because you have packed the essential items. You make fewer trips to the nearby CVS and spend more time around the city with your friends. And finally, your traveling and conference experience will be more fun when you are responsible for your belongings.

NLC Preview

Are you considering attending the 2018 FBLA National Leadership Conference? There’s still some more time to decide if you will attend this conference, but here’s a quick preview of NLC!

NLC is the culmination of the hard work members and advisers have put forth all year. This year’s NLC will take place in the historic city of Baltimore, Maryland from June 28th-July 1st. Members all across the country will come to compete against the best of the best and show the nation how hard they’ve been preparing all year. We want plenty of Georgia FBLA members and advisers to represent us at this conference!

You’ll have the chance to see what Baltimore has to offer; from the beautiful sights to the marvelous harbor, I’m sure it won’t disappoint! In addition, you’ll be able to visit the campaign booths of those running for national office. And as a member of our Southern Region, you will get the chance to vote for our next National Southern Region Vice-President.

You don’t have to be a national competitor to attend the National Leadership Conference. I recommend that you talk to your adviser(s) to see the next step in attending NLC this summer. In the mean time, the state officers wish you the best luck in all of your FBLA activities and endeavors and hope to see you next month at our State Leadership Conference!