SLC Preview

This year’s SLC will be in beautiful downtown Atlanta! We will have tons of amazing workshops and events planned for our members to enjoy. The Hyatt in downtown Atlanta is close to many amazing restaurants and fun things for you and your chapter to do. Start an itinerary with your adviser so that they can make sure everything you do is fun and safe! Each and every year the members that compete in our competitive events find that the experience is unforgettable and we are so excited for all of you to have that same experience this year! Be sure to check and see if the competitive event you are doing is straight to state or not because you don’t want to miss out on the hundreds of awards! We couldn’t be more excited to see all of you in March and good-luck to those of you preparing for your events!

2018 State Leadership Conference (High School)

State Leadership Conference (SLC) is an exciting opportunity for high school students to participate in our competitive events program among some of the best in the state. SLC also includes state officer elections and a series of informative leadership workshops for FBLA students and advisers.


2018 SLC Fees & Dates

  • When & Where: March 23-24; Hyatt Regency Atlanta
  • Registration Fee: $75 (for reservations at least two nights); $85 (for reservations of only one night); $100 if not staying within a Georgia FBLA hotel block)
  • Late Fee: $95/$105/$120 (Feb. 14-20)
  • Dues Eligibility Deadline: January 15
  • Competitive Event UPLOAD Deadline: February 13 (for those events that must be uploaded)
  • Competitive Event RECEIPT Deadline: February 13 (for those events that must be mailed)
  • Hotel Reservation Window: February 14-16
  • Registration Deadline: February 13
  • Hotel Reservation Deadline: February 16
  • Chapter of the Year RECEIPT Deadline: February 20
  • Late/Substitutions/Changes/Cancellations Deadline: February 20
  • Payment RECEIPT Deadline: February 23
  • Hotel Payment RECEIPT Deadline: March 2
  • SKILLS Testing: February 5-9
  • ONLINE Testing: March 1-2, 5-6
  • Competitions: All nationally recognized FBLA events (60 events)
  • Where to Register:  LiveBinder.



Recap of the 2017 State Leadership Conference

The 2017  State Leadership Conference (SLC) was the place where over 4,000 FBLA members stepped into the spotlight and seized their time to shine. Members jumped into the spotlight of workshops, competitive events, and networking opportunities leaving them with lasting memories. Members also started their journey to lead as business professionals.

We celebrated those who scored the highest in their competitive events and remembered how we shared our spotlight with each other in Athens.

Members, advisers, and chapters were recognized in a variety of categories and we said farewell to our 2016-2017 State Executive Council while also welcoming those elected to lead Georgia FBLA as members of the 2017-2018 State Executive Council.

Be sure to share the memories from this years SLC with your friends and family back home by watching this year’s Conference ThinkBack and reflect on all of the shining moments from Athens at

Georgia FBLA, thank you for such an incredible conference. Congratulations to all of our competitors and for those making the trip to Anaheim, California, we can’t wait to see you there!


Getting Ready for SLC

It is already the second semester which means it is time for the Georgia FBLA State Leadership Conference (SLC)! Congratulations to all the region competitors who made it to State. Remember SLC is from March 12-14th at the Classic Center in Athen, SLC skills testing dates are from February 1-7, and testing dates are March 1-3rd,  so mark your calendars. For those who are competing or attending SLC start getting ready now. You can do this by making sure you have the appropriate clothes for SLC, practicing and studying for your event and getting excited! There will be workshops, the election of your next year State Officers, the awards ceremony, and so much more. This is your Time to Shine, so go to this link for more information about State Leadership Conference.


Middle Level SLC Preview

Middle Level members unite, the Middle Level State Leadership Conference is just around the corner! The ML State Leadership Conference is an opportunity for middle school students to compete in our statewide competitive events program. Here are some things you can get excited about:


  • Network with students in grades 5-8 from all around the state!
  • Compete in over 34 events and win big. The top two winners in each national ML competitive event will be recognized by the national office!
  • Learn in informative workshops led by only Georgia’s best trainers and state officers.

2017 ML SLC Fees & Dates

  • When & Where: February 28; Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry
  • Registration Fee: $45 (includes lunch); $35 (non-attendee)
  • Late Fee: $60 (Feb. 1-7)
  • Dues Eligibility Deadline: January 15
  • Skills Entry Form Deadline (online): January 31
  • Registration/Competitive Event Submission Deadline: January 31 (must be received by February 3)
  • Late/Substitutions/Changes/Cancellations Deadline: February 7
  • State Officer Candidate Application RECEIPT Deadline: January 27
  • Chapter of the Year and Chapter Scrapbook RECEIPT Deadline: February 7
  • SKILLS & ONLINE Testing: February 9-14
  • Payment RECEIPT Deadline: February 10
  • Skills Testing RECEIPT Deadline: February 14