Downtown Tour taken by SHS FBLA



Sonoraville High School’s Future Business Leaders celebrates American Enterprise Day and Small Business Day by touring local businesses in downtown Calhoun. Suzanne Roland, Director of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Lorene Potts, member of the DDA toured with the Future Business Leaders of America. The business tour included the following stops: Gordon County Library, Starr Matthews Agency, Country Friends, Harris Arts Center, Jeff Beamer at Edward Jones, Mother Nature’s Eden, Pete’s Music, and Owen’s Security.  Local merchants helped prepare our community’s Future Business Leaders by answering many questions, such as green policies regarding recycling and building reuse, and what it takes to be a small business owner in Downtown Calhoun.  SHS wishes to thank the tour leaders and the businesses for their hospitality.


Also, as part of American Enterprise Day, Congressman Tom Graves proclaimed American Enterprise Day as part of the city of Calhoun and the community on November 15, 2015.

Sonoraville FBLA members make homemade Christmas cards for Senior Citizens

The Sonoraville High School FBLA chapter has volunteered their time to assist the Young Professionals of Gordon County in their efforts to provide a joyful Christmas to the senior citizens in our community. These Sonoraville members of FBLA have made individual Christmas cards in an effort to spread holiday cheer to the Gordon county community.  This is the second annual Christmas cards creation for senior citizens. Seniors citizens were selected by local nursing homes and assisted living facilities to receive the “goodie” bag from the Young Professionals which included the homemade card.  Crystal, senior SHS FBLA member, stated she enjoyed working on the cards because it made her feel good to know that someone who may not have family here will get to celebrate.

Meeting Tip of the Month #4

Before you begin to read this article, I want you to answer these questions to yourself. How many members attend your local chapter meetings? Out of those members, how many are attentive and actually participate? How many fall asleep? This month, I would like to focus on increase meeting attendance and overall experience. Compile a sign-in sheet with the names of all of your registered members and ask all who attend to sign the form. Then, you should separate the members who attended the meeting from those who chose not to attend. E-mail the members who didn’t attend the reason and ask if there was a specific reason why they chose not to attend. Now, for those who did attend the meeting, ask a series of question relating to the overall experience such as, the speaker, the setup, and any other elements they would like to see incorporated within the meeting. Asking for member’s feedback gives them a sense of importance and show that you have your member’s  best interest at heart.

Fundraising Activity of the Month #4

     This month’s fundraising tip doesn’t refer to a specific fundraising activity that you can do, but something that you can apply to almost every chapter event held, Advertising. Advertising your fundraiser can be the big difference from raising $3,000 for your local chapter, or $300. When you promote your different events, be sure that you reach out to multiple media outlets. Contact your local newspaper, radio station, television company, etc. Trust me, even the smallest amount of advertising can help you gain more participants that you would have originally collected.

Parliamentary Procedure Tip of the Month #4

      When we think about parliamentary procedures, the officers involved more specifically, we assume that the president typically runs the meeting. This is true, however, there may be an instance where the president is unavailable to attend the meeting. In order to prevent chaos that day, take one day out of the week where the entire officer team takes the time to learn how to preside over a meeting. In the long run this will result in a well prepared officer team.  During more informal meetings, have each officer alternate the position of the chair to gain more practical experience facilitating the meeting.