Rockmart Middle School FBLA School Project

Rockmart Middle School FBLA created 60 handmade Christmas Cards for RMS teachers during the month of December. This project was organized by the RMS FBLA Leadership team to tell RMS teachers that they appreciate all they do for them.  The cards were delivered with candy to each teacher on December 15, 2016. Over 30 members participated in this activity.RMS FBLA making Christmas Cards for Teachers

Rockmart High School FBLA Participate in Christmas for Kids

Rockmart High School FBLA participated in the annual Christmas for Kids event at Rockmart High School.  During the event all student organizations at Rockmart High School organized games and activities for 1000 Pre-K – 3rd grade students in Rockmart.  The children attending the event rotated through the stations set up by each organization.  FBLA Leadership Team members: Conner T., Amanda M., and LJ P. created decorations, games, and activities for their station at the event.  All members donated one bag of candy to give to the students.  This was a fun activity that promoted FBLA at school and in the community.

Rockmart High FBLA at Christmas for Kids
Rockmart High FBLA at Christmas for Kids

Service Activity of the Month

This February love on the Earth by adopting a species through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) works to save and preserve species and landscapes while addressing the larger global threats and forces that impact them. Your chapter can help save species by adopting an animal through the WWF website found below. An adoption kit cost $55 and includes a plush toy of the animal you choose, a photo, adoption certificate, and species card. Encourage your chapter to raise money to adopt an animal, and perhaps do a survey to choose which species your chapter would like to adopt whether it’s the dolphin, panda, platypus, kangaroo, or maybe even the tarantula.


Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

Who knows business and working in the workforce better than someone who’s actually working in the industry? This month’s classroom integration idea is to invite a guest speaker to come speak about business, their job, interview skills, or anything business related! Having a guest speaker come in not only brings real business skills into the classroom, but this also allows students to meet and ask questions to a professional. Some ways to finding a guest speaker is asking school business partners, someone from your local chamber of commerce, or even a parent.

Bowdon FBLA Cancer Awareness Walk

On Wednesday, October 26th, Bowdon High and Bowdon Middle Future Business Leaders of America joined together for a cancer awareness walk. We walked around the middle school track, ate snacks, and then all of the strong ladies shared their story. We also raised money for cancer research by selling t-shirts.