November Service Activity

During this month of thanks, chapters should find ways to serve their community and make a difference in others’ lives.

The service activity of the month is hosting a soup kitchen! A soup kitchen is a station (any location in your community) where less fortunate families can stop by and receive meals. Soup kitchens are ideal, whether your community is small or large, for there is need to be met everywhere! Post advertisements around town, in your school announcements, and in your local newspaper to spread the word!

This project has the potential of binding not only the local chapter members close to one another, but it can create a lasting relationship between the chapter and the community! Take this great chance to change the lives of so many, and remember to be thankful!

November Membership Recruitment Idea

Membership recruitment should not stop even though the first semester of school is nearing the end. There are limitless opportunities to promote your chapter!

An effortless way of fulling membership recruitment of this month is by advertising! By increasing your chapter’s public appearance, you are making more students aware of FBLA’s impact. Here are some ways to advertise:

  1. Posters/Flyers: Make these bold and hang them up in areas that are most looked upon. Have a brief description of FBLA. Give contact information of who to see if someone is wanting to join and how much dues are.
  2. Social MediaOur lives depend on social media. Why not take this to full advantage? Promote your FBLA chapter’s presence by posting relevant information. This will help you keep your members up to date!
  3. Announcements: School announcements are very beneficial and easy to advertise on. Students will be able to hear what they may not see sometimes. FBLA’s existence and fundamentals will be spread throughout the school with this simple action.

These prototypical advertising methods are very effective to this day and are very simple to do. They are one of the fastest forms to relay a message and reach an audience. Get started today!

Icebreaker of the Month — December

A great way for members to share their ideas during a meeting can be through brainstorming activities. Have members research different community service projects that your chapter could possibly complete during the Holiday season.

After about five minutes of brainstorming or so, allow the groups to stand and present their findings to the rest of the members.

A few ideas:

  1. Deliver cookies to the employees at a fire station, police station, or hospital.
  2. Recruit several families or businesses and adopt a nursing home. Buy a simple gift for each resident (lotion, slippers, holiday throw blankets, etc) and arrange a time to deliver the gifts.
  3. Send Christmas cards to veterans and current military personnel overseas.
  4. Deliver a baked good to your neighbors.
  5. Leave a Christmas card in your mailbox for the mail carrier.
  6. Go caroling at a nursing home.
  7. Volunteer to read a Christmas book aloud to your child’s class … or contact your local bookstore to see if you can schedule a time to read aloud to their children’s section.
  8. Ring bells for the Salvation Army.
  9. Host a packing party for Operation Christmas Child, a ministry through Samaritan’s Purse that sends a shoebox of gifts/personal items to a child in a Third World country for Christmas—which is often the only gift the child will receive.

Public Relations Activity — December

Now is the time of year where we all have made it through to the last stretch of the first semester of school. With 2020 right around the corner, December is a great time to recognize and reward others for their hard work this year. As expected, there are multiple midterms and finals that face all students before the start of winter break. Usually, it is not uncommon to see your fellow FBLA members and peers anxious and frantic in the midst of preparing for tests. However, what if I told you that there are things that you and your chapter can do to help ease everyone’s nerves in this season?

It is my suggestion that FBLA chapters commit to service this month by hosting small events and get-togethers to help students relax before their exams. In order to organize a purposeful “de-stress event”, consider what types of things would help best soothe students in your school community. A few ideas for events to organize can be found in the list below:

List of “De-Stress Events”

  • Decorate gingerbread cookies- Officers can bring frosting and sprinkles to make this activity a festive success. Furthermore, you can make this into a competition where the best cookie decorator wins a prize!
  • Host a Hot Chocolate Party- gather together supplies to make this holiday drink, and bring together your peers one afternoon to enjoy it
  • Photo Booth- with holiday signs and Santa hats where members can take pictures with their friends. It would also be fun to watch a holiday movie to allow your members the chance to unwind after a long semester.
  • Karaoke Competition- find your favorite songs and let the world hear your tunes as you relax to the sounds of music
  • Pet Therapy- partner with a local animal shelter and see if you can set up a date for students to visit and relax with adorable animal friends
  • Nature Walk-  select a trail or walking path near your school for students to go on; nature and exercise are great tools for boosting energy and happiness
  • Finger Painting Party- get your creative juices flowing with simple, but helpful finger painting activities (be sure to try out holiday-themed drawings!)
  • Modified Tutoring Sessions- use your chapter’s resources of knowledge to provide a scheduled tutoring session for students; be sure to interrupt tutoring with fun icebreakers in between
  • Community Service- Using this event as a way to do community service is a great way to give back in the holiday season. Members can be encouraged to bring a toy to donate to children in need in the holidays or your chapter can collect canned goods to donate to a local food shelter.

I hope that you have the opportunity to try out at least one of these ideas before final exams this year. Remember to study hard and also find time to give your mind a healthy break! Don’t forget to hashtag all of your exciting social event posts with #GAFBLA so members all across the state can see the fun things your chapter is doing!

November Lead Activity of the Month

Silver Level: Education: Kudos Korner | Activity 2: It’s All About You! 

“Create a magazine cover that is about you. Choose one word that describes you for the title of the publication. Then, be sure you follow all of the requirements. Be creative and make the finished product look as professional as possible. (Save a copy of your magazine cover).” 

In this activity for the Silver Level of the LEAD program, you are required to formulate a magazine cover all about yourself! Have fun and get creative with your cover to showcase your personality! Be sure to follow the guidelines some of which include an appropriate magazine title, a photo of yourself and another small picture, and 0.5 inch margins. Use Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, or other design softwares to help you create the perfect cover! Happy designing!