Chapter Membership Awards

It may be second semester, but membership recruitment should not stop! Always keep recruiting, your chapter might be eligible for a Membership Award! Chapters can win numerous different awards: Market […]

What Is Triple Trifecta?

Get involved with our awesome state initiative, Triple Trifecta! It focuses on three aspects: recruiting members, community service, and developing leaders in hopes of encouraging members to stay active and […]

Membership Recruitment Idea #1

So… maybe your membership just is not where it used to be? Or possibly you are trying to raise membership to win chapter of the year? Whatever the reason is, […]

How to Get Membership Awards

For over 15 years, Georgia FBLA has taken the top spot for the largest state chapter worldwide! Thanks to your efforts in membership recruitment, we will continue to be the […]

Membership Recruitment Idea-February

The Chapter of the Year submission deadline is fast approaching. Now is the time to top off your membership and earn those last few points for membership recruitment. Here are […]