5 Steps to Get a Speaker at Your Next Meeting

“The best a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people.”-John C. Maxwell

One of the best ways to prepare your chapter for the future is to have mentors come in form your local community. They will be able to share professional insight and personal experiences to enrich your chapters understanding of the professional world. While this sounds great on paper, it may be difficult to begin inviting guests. Here is quick and easy guide on how you can build bridges for guest speakers to come to your chapter meetings:

  1. Set a date: Always know the dates where you have space and time available for guest speakers to come. A good idea is to have these dates coincide with meetings to get the largest attendance possible. Having a list of dates gives the speaker flexibility and increases the chances of a speaker accepting your invitation.
  2. Know the speaker: Before you invite a speaker, try to learn a little about them so that you know what topics may be best suited for them. In addition, knowing a little bit about them shows them that you have prepared and increases the chances of them coming over to speak at the meeting.
  3. Have a topic: While most speakers don’t want to be fed a word-for-word script, it is important to give them an outline of possible topics. Keeping in mind number 2, tailor the topic to an area that they know well and coincides with one of the goals of FBLA.
  4. Send the invitation: One of the easiest and also hardest parts of the process is to send the invitation. Taking initiative and sending the invites as early as possible is essential to guest speakers accepting the offer, so don’t procrastinate and send them now!
  5. Communication/Follow-up: After sending the invitation it is important to follow up with the speaker by communicating with them depending on their response. You want to be respectful and quick on your responses whether they accept or decline the offer to speak.

Hopefully, this 5-step process will get you some amazing mentors at your next meeting. Good Luck!

Keep the Momentum Going: My Tips to Moving Forward in Achieving Your Goals

Last year, we all set some pretty marvelous goals. Some of us wanted to spark a fresh sense of engagement in our chapters. Others of us wanted to reach new heights in our recruitment efforts. In addition to this, we set some extraordinary personal goals. Perhaps you wanted to improve your grades and academic motivation? Or, maybe you wanted to get more involved in community service and environmental programs?

Regardless, today I will give you tips to keep moving forward in pursuing reliable goals. As time progresses, we often get lost in our goals and lose motivation to accomplish them. However, the school year isn’t over yet, and it’s worth knowing that there is still time to show improvement!

Here are my tips and tricks to staying motivated even in times when you don’t feel up to it!

  • Create a Vision Board- We all have our goals, but there’s something special about writing it down and constantly reminding ourselves of our aspirations. One way to accomplish this is by creating a vision board! This provides you with the creative opportunity to decorate your poster using your own imagination. Even if you aren’t the artsy type, the important thing here is to make sure you write your goals down so you can be reminded of what you desire to accomplish.
  • Chunking- In today’s society, we prefer to accomplish things that can be done immediately. Many times we see our effort as meaningless if it means it won’t yield prompt, noticeable results. By chunking, you can set checkpoints to work towards your goals. You can create a plan in which you break up studying for an assessment or set a date that you want a particular aspect of a goal accomplished by. For example, if your chapter wants to recruit 20 new members by April, your goal can be to recruit to recruit 10 of these members by mid-February.
  • Change Your Perspective on Setbacks- Failure, setbacks, and obstacles––they all happen. As much as we don’t like them, we shouldn’t see them as something that will destroy our possibility of accomplishing our ultimate goal. Instead, we should appreciate the lesson we learn from them. Perhaps you had a goal of obtaining a certain goal in a class this year. If you didn’t obtain that goal during the first semester, learn from your mistakes. Now you know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to learning and studying course material. The key is to get it right this time, because after all that is better than giving up in entirety.
  • Mind Over Matter-  As cliche as it sounds, your mindset is key in reaching your goals. In all situations, even when it seems as if procrastination may prevail, you must keep your goals in your head. Remember, your work today can still yield results later. If you change your mindset to believe you can overcome the obstacles, you will be so much closer to obtaining your goals!

With these tips, I hope you learned something new about effective goal setting. Remember, obtaining goals won’t necessarily come easily, but, with hard work and determination, it is possible to obtain reliable goals. As second semester progresses, continue to keep these tips in your mind as you work diligently to excel to new heights in your aspirations!


Membership Recruitment Idea of the Month-January

Happy New Year! It’s a new year, a new semester, and a new opportunity for your chapter to recruit more members. This is the beginning of the second semester of the school year and a busy competition and conference season for FBLA. The two best ways to recruit new members in January is a combination between targeted recruitment and getting the word out about the conferences.

Targeted Recruitment: After first semester ended, many other clubs and organizations, such as marching band, football, and other fall-related activities, have become less active. This leads to new groups of potential members that will have less to do and therefore less that conflicts with FBLA activities. If you would like some recruitment methods to help you along, please refer to previous membership recruitment idea of the month articles.

Conferences: January is the month where regional leadership conferences are occurring all across the state. You can use these conferences as a focal point for recruitment. By having current members attend the conference and sharing their experience at them, you can inspire other members to join. I would recommend either having attendees talk about their fun experience or even having a meeting dedicated to conference results.

Bridge to the Next Level

We have reached our milestone- the year is winding down and we’re looking forward to the new year. The new year brings about new changes that we all must prepare ourselves for, so here’s a couple of advice to help you build a bridge of success into the new year:

  1. Don’t be shy, and introduce yourself to your new FBLA family. As you excel to the next level, make sure you get to know your chapter and the way they run things
  2. All levels are different and bring about new, exciting things. Mentally prepare yourself for a bigger and exciting FBLA year.

In honor of FBLA, I encourage each and every one of you to look forward to building your bridge into the next level or challenge you may face. Whether you’re in middle level entering a high school chapter, a high school student moving forward into PBL, or even a PBL member moving onto the Professional Division, we hope you continue to be the leader that you were born to be!

Applying for Region Office

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next nevel? If so, then applying for Georgia FBLA Region Office may be your next best step. In addition to serving as ambassadors for our state organization, region officers also contribute to various efforts within their own respective regions.

A focal point of the Region Officer experience is being able to attend the Region Officer Academy (ROA), which is held during the summer, to build leadership skills and make connections with other officers. After attending ROA and other conferences throughout the year, Region Officers are prepared to run their respective Region Leadership Conferences.

If applying for Region Office is something that you would like to do, please complete the Region Officer application, which is located in the Livebinder, by January 26, 2018. Make sure to review the attendance requirements that are expected of Region Officers before applying.

Good luck on your individual Georgia FBLA journeys!