October Classroom Integration Idea of the Month

This month’s classroom integration idea of the month involves holding mock interviews. No matter what future students may pursue, interviews are sure to be part of their future. Mastering the art of an interview can help prepare them for a successful future and allow them to gain the soft skills necessary for a competitive work place.

Interview topics can range depending on the situation. Some interviews may be for college and scholarships, while others are for jobs. Practicing handshakes, interview etiquette, and having students wear professional dress are all great ways to implement this idea into the classroom. Good luck!



How To Submit Articles On the Georgia FBLA Website!

Submitting articles for the Georgia FBLA website is an excellent way to share your voice with the rest of the state organization. Here, you’ve probably noticed you can find State Officer articles, and articles published by local chapters! Best of all, submitting is a very straightforward process!

Submitting is easy. First, open the home page and click the profile icon at the top right of the page. Click “login”, and log-in using your designated adviser user an password. A WordPress banner will appear at the top of the screen with various options. Hover your mouse over on the “New” option and click “Post”.

The previous steps should have taken you to the New Post submission page, where you can type the title and body of your article. Make sure to add tags and a thumbnail to make your article appear polished and categorized.

Once you’ve finished composing your post, click on “Submit for Review”. Your article will be reviewed by a state officer and published soon after!

Happy writing!

Meeting Tip of the Month – October

It’s finally October, meaning the season of spooks and candy-bingeing is right around the corner! In FBLA, October is a pivotal time for chapter growth. No need to be afraid, though: with this month’s tip, there’s no need to be afraid.

FBLA is a huge organization with so many different opportunities and experiences– unfortunately, that means it’s easy for members to feel lost or overwhelmed. That’s where chapter leaders come in; they’re there to guide and give members a sense of direction.

Chapter members are only one part of the puzzle, however. This month, get other active members to speak to the chapter about their experience. This can be helpful when you have members with specific experiences no one else has (say, a select few have been to Nationals!). This is another way to deliver information, but it’s infinitely more engaging than having chapter officers deliver everything.

Spread the love! More speakers mean more interested members. Take this month to rethink how your chapter gives out information.

Good luck!

Icebreaker of the Month — October

Integrating FBLA into the classroom can be as simple as using Ice Breakers and Energizers then talking about the strategies after. Team activities can be used to teach about leadership and teamwork. Most other activities you can use to reflect on different strategies used during the game; what worked, what made is easy and what made it difficult.

One example is the Human Knot as a learning tool in the classroom. Try having different versions of the game to switch it up:

  • Everyone has their eyes open
  • One person has their eyes open
  • Only person can talk
  • Nobody has their eyes open

You can use these suggestion, combine them, or come up with new ideas. This is a fun way for students to learn valuable skills.

Public Relations Activity — October

Consider hosting a trivia event to get your members excited for the second semester. Split members into groups of 2-4, and create at least 15 trivia questions. Social events should be fun, so throw in some lighthearted and fun questions. Give enough time between questions for members to get up and talk between rounds. Put out some food for them to snack on too! Who doesn’t like a good snack during trivia?

There should be a prize for the winning team, but it can always be something fun! What matters more is that members have a good experience. Consider playing music during rounds, and just make the atmosphere enjoyable.

This is also the perfect environment to speak to your members about competitions in an informal setting. Encourage them to keep practicing for their live events, and studying for SLC events. Don’t push too hard though: a social event should take away stress, not add any. Remember to relax, and have fun!